Mizpah Security & Training, Inc.

Our Mission is Clear:

At Mizpah Security & training, Inc. we strive to assist our students in achieving their peak combined physical health and personal protection goals. The better your physical health is, the less strained your mind is when facing overwhelming obstacles that are in your way.
Consider whether you have the commitment to yourself in discipline and desire to become healthier and stronger in life. If you are ever faced with a violent confrontation, you will be better prepared! This is more than a personal homeland security buzz, but an actual disciplined plan for whatever you find important in your health and protective well-being. Rather than shotgun blast your fitness and personal protection training for whatever purpose you have, consider a focused rifle type plan of attack between you and our training team. We will assist you with in staying on track until you meet or exceed your desired Firearms, Tactical, Fitness and Health Training Goals. Many of our courses are Private or Semi-Private, for more specialized personal growth and assessment of each person.
Our commitment is to provide you with the necessary tools for the structure and function of your life in all areas of self-defense. Our goal is to strengthen and integrate your bodies’ foundation, by combining structural fitness, mental focus and tactical weapons training.  

The goal of our school is to expand the safe and legal use of Firearms for recreational, competitive and personal protection uses.

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