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Frequently Asked Questions

1. My buddy took a 12 hour class. Why is your Mass Basic Firearms Safety Class only 4 hours long?

At MST, we teach a specialized class that has been approved by the Colonel of the State Police for qualifying individuals to obtain a Massachusetts firearms license.    We believe this 4 hour class is the best class to take for those who would like to acquire a LTC Class A, B, or FID.  In addition, to the State approved curriculum we have added an extensive shooting clinic that will improve the accuracy of every student.

2. Will your Mass Basic Firearms Safety Class enable me to qualify for a license to carry?

Yes.  Our class qualifies applicants for all Massachusetts firearms licenses (LTC Class A, B, and FID).

3. How large are your classes?

While class sizes vary, our average class has one instructor for every 4 students.    If we have larger classes, our instructor-to-student ratio increases to as much as one instructor for every 3 students.

4. How many Mass Basic Firearms Safety classes do I have to take?

You only need to take one four-hour class.

5. Is taking the Mass Basic Firearms Safety Class the first step in getting a Massachusetts firearms license?


6. Do I need my permit to attend the course?

Some of our courses do not require you have your permit depending on various state laws and which course you may be taking. Rifle and Shotgun courses in most cases do not require a permit.  If you would like to be certain please contact us and we would be more than happy to give you a more definite answer.

7. I have extensive experience with firearms. Do I have to take the Mass Basic Firearms Safety Class?

Yes…everyone has to take the class.  While you may have previous experience with handling firearms the complexity of Mass firearms law necessitates that you take the class.

8. What do I need to do if I would like to register for one of your classes?

Simply go to our registration page complete the registration form and make either a deposit or full payment for the class of your choice. Some classes require payment in full due to the nature and demand for the class.. Please make sure you make a minimum of a deposit for those courses that do not require a full payment to guarantee your seat and ensure that the course runs. Registration forms received without deposits/payments will not be counted towards class minimum student requirement.

9. What do I need to bring to the course?

Dependent on the course, you should bring the firearm you will be using, the ammunition for it. (For handguns no magnum ammunition if utilizing a rifle please bring only hollow point or soft point ammunition and with shotguns only slugs) Students should also be properly dressed for the course including long pants, long sleeve shirt, baseball cap and proper footwear (boots preferred). Eye and ear protection of choice should also be brought. Arrangements can be made a few days in advance to borrow some equipment from the school however you need to contact the schools director via phone or email. You will also receive a confirmation email two days before your class. Our phone number is (413) 219-4419 or the Directors email is contact@mizpahsecuritytraining.com

10. How can I make payments?

Payments may be made via our website during registration using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover. or by send payment via check or money order to our mailing address of:

Mizpah Security & Training, LLC
349 High Street Holyoke, MA 01040

11. Do I need to take any of these courses in order to get my permit?

Not all states or municipalities require you to take a course prior to issuing a permit however, many states do suggest you take a basic safety course similar to any NRA Basic Shooting Course. Some states that require you to have this course are Connecticut, Rhode Island and Florida. The state of Rhode Island also requires a shooting qualification that can be conducted by an NRA Instructor.

12. When will I get my training certificate?

Your instructor will give you your certificate at the end of the class.

13. Do you provide any discounts?

Discounts are provided to active duty, reservist and retired military upon producing the proper credentials. Discounts are also offered to Firefighters, Police and Emergency Management Personnel as determined by the schools director. Finally discounts are available for groups of 5 or more looking to take the same course. Discounts do not apply to special events. For more information email us at:contact@mizpahsecuritytraining.com

14. I am not near any of your current classes will you be in my area anytime soon?

We can always run a class in nearly any area as long as we have enough students. If you would be interested in hosting a course for your group lets us know so we can put together a plan that would work for all.

15. Do I need to be an NRA Member to take your course?

No our courses are open to all qualified individuals regardless of NRA Membership but being an NRA Member does come with some great benefits if you like we can even process your application.


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